A letter from our Founder:


Since 1997 I have been offering Adult Continuing Education classes and have maintained the same goal to this day. My goal is to encourage individuals with developmental challenges to come together in a social setting where the hope is to help them make new friends, have healthier relationships, know when their behavior is appropriate or offensive to others, while, in general, being happier people.

- Barb Thomas, Founder




“My son relishes his activities with Tall! He has hugely expanded his social group of friends since leaving the Sycamore School System. The outings are very geared and appropriate for older adults. Barb’s greatest strength as a director is taking student input and making things happen to satisfy the group. Her constant enthusiasm is what truly makes this a one of a kind program!”

-Current TALL Parent

“As a provider for [student], I like TALL because it offers [student] the chance to sharpen his social skills, meet new people and introduces him to a variety of fun, new and challenging experiences in and around his community!"

- Provider for a TALL Student

“I've been coming to TALL for a long time. I like to do arts and crafts, Zumba, and spend time with my friends.”

- Current TALL Student

“I enjoy coming to TALL. Some of my favorite events are Guys Night Out (because we get to do want we want), movie night, and hanging out at new places. The friends that I have made here are very cool!”

- Current TALL Student